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queens-bankruptcyThe pressure of living with overwhelming debt, with no end in sight, can turn your life into a nightmare. If creditors are threatening to take you to court, if you are facing wage garnishment, or foreclosure or repossession are imminent, bankruptcy can give you immediate relief and start you on a new financial course so that you can rebuild your life. The Queens bankruptcy attorneys  with Allan R. Bloomfield have been helping clients in financial crisis for over 30 years.  Attorney Bloomfield is ready to help you today.

Benefits of Bankruptcy

No one relishes the thought of filing for bankruptcy, but for some debtors it can be a new beginning, giving you the chance to get out from under crushing debt without losing everything you own, and allowing you to start rebuilding your credit.

Contrary to popular belief, most people who file for bankruptcy are able to keep their homes and other assets under bankruptcy exemption laws. Bankruptcy can:

  • Stop the phone calls from debt collectors
  • Prevent lawsuits against you brought by creditors
  • Prevent wage garnishment
  • Prevent foreclosure or eviction
  • Prevent utilities shut off
  • Protect your home and other assets

Getting Help

Bankruptcy is a very complicated process and any mistake can cost you. Queens bankruptcy attorney Allan R. Bloomfield is with you every step of the way, helping you understand every aspect of the process, making sure that you choose the appropriate type of bankruptcy and that everything is in order. He will simply the process for you as much as possible so that you can put this behind you and start getting on with your new debt-free life.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone and every situation. When you consult with Allan you will receive honest advice and you will know what to expect, so you can make a fully informed choice and there are no surprises along the way, if you choose to proceed.

Free Case Evaluation

If you are considering bankruptcy in Queens, New York, please call the Queens bankruptcy attorneys with Allan R. Bloomfield at 718-544-0500 or complete our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. Mr. Bloomfield will give you honest, expert advice so that you can decide whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you. If you choose to file, Mr. Bloomfield can help you simply the process so that you can move on with your life as quickly as possible.